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-no directors added to this movie-

Stars :

Cheng Yi, Zhang Yuxi, Xinze Li, Yan Xiao, Vicky Liang, Cao Cuifen, Jiang Zhenhao, He Yongsheng, Paul Chun, Jiang Hongbo,

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Rating :

5.4 from IMDb

Story :

Fu Yunshen, a researcher at a pharmaceutical company, and Zhu Jiu, a surgeon embark on a humanitarian medical rescue in an underprivileged region. Their stories start from misunderstandings. After facing life and death dilemma together, they gradually grow feelings for each other. However, before they have a chance to confess their feelings, a tragic accident leaves Fu Yunshen in a deep abyss, prompting him to sever contacts with Zhu Jiu. A year later, Zhu Jiu reunites with Fu Yunshen as a family doctor. Enduring numerous obstacles created by Fu Yunshen, Zhu Jiu heals Yunshen’s wounded soul with her toughness, optimism, and unwavering love. She eventually guides Yunshen out of the depths of despair.