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Director :

Craig Mazin, Paul Domick, Robin K. Flynn, Derek Jones, Cassie Turgeon, Nina Ceranic, Cole McFarlane, Kira Roberts, Christopher J. Byrne, Ryan Kozmynka,

Stars :

John Hannah, Josh Brener, Christopher Heyerdahl, Brad Leland, Marcia Bennett, Brendan Fletcher, Jerry Wasserman, Wendy Gorling, Jessica Belbin, Haysam Kadri, Sarah Himadeh, Caitlin Howden, Max Montesi, Natasha Mumba, Gina Louise Phillips, Taylor St. Pierre, Ryan D. Clarke, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Logan Pierce, Corina Akeson, Jason Burkart, Andrea Greening, Arran Henn, Anna Torv, Gabriel Luna, Merle Dandridge, Nico Parker,

Release :

15th January 2023

Rating :

5.4 from IMDb

Story :

2003. As a parasitic fungal outbreak begins to ravage the country and the world, Joel Miller attempts to escape the escalating chaos with his daughter and brother. Twenty years later, a now hardened Joel and his partner Tess fight to survive under a totalitarian regime, while the insurgent Fireflies harbor a teenage girl with a unique gift.

The Last of Us 1x1
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