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Director :

Vincenzo Natali, Phil Booth, Chelsea Ryan, Mark Rossi,

Stars :

David Hoflin, Miles Barrow, Gavin Dunn, Harrison Gilbertson, Duke Davis Roberts, Stephen Murphy, Sophia Ally, Cal Watson, Jared Bankens, Moe Bar-El, Chuku Modu, Poppy Corby-Tuech, Louis Bernard, Rachel Browne, Daniel Cahill, Dean Denton, Jamie Bacon, Courtney Hawkins, Anton Kamillus, Kyle Bolton, Rene Vrabel,

Release :

20th October 2022

Rating :

5.4 from IMDb

Story :

Stuck in a small town without many prospects, Flynne Fisher is a brilliant gamer who works a dead end job to support her veteran brother and ailing mother. When her brother enlists her help playing an advanced video game known as a SIM , Flynne sees something she shouldn't, bringing real life danger to the family's doorstep.

The Peripheral 1x1
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